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The Lehigh Valley MSBL proudly presents the Hall of Fame Members

We honor them for their dedication to the league, their teams and the game. Baseball is much more than hitting, pitching, running & fielding. If you get a chance to talk to one of these players, find out what it takes to be a lifetime champion.

Ron Cahill, League President

Player Primary Team Position Inducted
Charlie Brooks 45 Washington Nationals Manager/Player 2009

In addition to being a good player and manager he's also a great team mate and has been instrumental in the personal lives of many of his players by teaching and reinforcing the principles of goal setting and consistency which has helped them become winners on the diamond, winners in the work place and good family men.

Steve Turoscy JR Reds Player 2010

Since the Lehigh Valley Men's Senior Baseball league has been in existence, Steve has been an active member and player. For each of those 25 years, Steve has been a part of the 28/25+ age group and continues to be a consistent contributor on the field, he carries a lifetime batting average of well over .300. He is currently the Co-Manager of the Reds in the 25+ division and serves as the teams Treasurer.

Steve has been fundamental in helping to organize and grow the league. The first few years of the league consisted of just a few teams, and it was Steve, and the few other members at the time, who promoted the league and recruited players, to allow the league to grow and flourish. Without these original members the league would not only be very different today, but may not be in existence at all.

As a long time martial arts instructor, it has been Steve's duty to teach pride, respect, and discipline to each of his students; Steve leads by example. He has been a friend and mentor to many, and continues his service to the league through his positive leadership, both on and off the field.

Dennis Hock Cardinals Manager/Player 2010

On Saturday, July 31, 2010, between two LVMSBL All Star games at the Iron Pig's Coca Cola Park in Allentown, Dennis Hock (pictured on the right) was inducted into the Lehigh Valley Men's Senior Baseball League Hall of Fame as a member of his 35 and over Cardinals team. Standing next to Dennis is John Edwards, wearing Dennis's other team's Washington Nationals uniform, as both are teammates on that team in the 45 and over division.

Dennis joined the LVMSBL in 1993 as a 30 and over ball player, playing for the now defunct Expos. A few years later, he and Larry Parry took over the management of the team after Maynard Frantz retired from baseball. The Expos enjoyed many successful seasons until they disbanded in 2004. In 2005, Dennis started the 35 and over Cardinals team, and the following year they won the division and playoff championships. Since the majority of the team well exceeded the 35 age bracket, Dennis was very influential in the establishment of the 45 and over division within the league. Currently there are six teams in the 45+ division.

In addition to being an active player at age 62, Dennis is involved with the governing of the league serving as the 25 division director and as league Vice President. (2011)

Other baseball related accomplishments from the past include managing a Blue Mountain league team for 10 years, coaching Senior Legion baseball, and coaching girls’ softball at Northern Lehigh High School for 17 years, winning 2 State Championships during that time period, (1988 & 1996)

More recently, Dennis has played on 3 National Championship teams. Two from the Lehigh Valley, (2003 & 2006) and one from New Mexico (55+ Paladins 2007).

Dell Buss Diamonds Player 2010

Delbert "Del” Buss was born April 4, 1944 and has resided in Nazareth, Pennsylvania his entire life. While a student at Nazareth High School, he was an avid wrestler where he was a four-time district runner-up and still holds the Pennsylvania state record for fastest pin - six seconds. After graduating from high school, Del went to work for his father in the family auto service business and eventually took ownership of the company where he continues to work today as an auto mechanic.

Del developed a passion for race cars and competed as a driver in stock car races from 1968 to1983.During this time, he was a mainstay Saturday evenings at Orange County Speedway in New York and Sundays afternoons at the Nazareth Speedway. When his driving career came to an end, Del turned his attention to his previous passion of baseball.

His baseball career which began with a Little League season in 1953 was rekindled in 1984 as he joined a local softball league. Softball soon led to baseball as Del welcomed the opportunity to play baseball along side his oldest son and did so as a player on the Nazareth Blue Mountain baseball team. In 1990, he joined the Lehigh Valley Men’s Baseball league. During his career in MSBL, Del has competed at all age levels typically playing alongside those much younger than him. He played 18 seasons with the Diamonds and has spent the past 3 years playing for the Braves, Indians, and Phillies. For the past 20 years, he has competed annually in the MSBL World Series in Phoenix, Arizona as a representative of the Lehigh Valley on locally sponsored teams as well as other National teams.Del has had the honor of playing on the Lehigh Valley Men’s Senior Baseball All-Star team at Coca-Cola Park.At 66 years young, Del has no intention of hanging up his spikes.Not only does he enjoy playing America’s favorite past-time, but he enjoys teaching the game to his two grandsons who have inherited his passion for the game.

Dennis Ritter 35 White Sox Player 2011
Dennis Ritter entered the MSBL in 1995 as a 46 year old rookie. Prior to being in the MSBL, he played in the Tri-County League, in the Blue Mountain League, and then 25 years in a local fast pitch softball league. At the age of 62 he is still competing in the 35 and over division as a shortstop with the same team (White Sox) that he started with. He has 14 lifetime home runs and once stole a season high 23 bases. He is a past batting champion, league MVP, All- star game MVP and championship series MVP. He has also accumulated 4 Arizona World Series Championship rings. Never one to complain, he is a respected competitor within his division, exemplifies great sportsmanship and is an ambassador to a sport he truly loves. He is especially thankful and proud to be able to play with his nephews, Tim, Terry and Brian.
Lou Tita JR 35 Indians Player 2011

I have been blessed just to be able to play sports, as I was a polio victim at 9 months old. Doctors never thought I would ever walk without a brace, let alone play sports. Thanks to Dr. Albert Gabrielli, and my father, keeping me active was the way to go. I started playing sports at 8 years old, and have never stopped. Although I've played every sport there is, baseball has always been my favorite. I joined the Lehigh Valley MSBL in 1994, and was put at shortstop, by manager Tim Boland, and batted 2nd, behind my brother, Roger. After our Mets team suffered through a dismal season, I decided to form my own team, which was the Giants. In 1995, we won the championship, with Rich Sipos, and Cy Young winner, Ron Schinstine as our front line pitchers. As I said, I was blessed, and in 2000, Gino Vincent joined our team, and in 10 years, he carried us to 8 division titles, and 3 championships. 2012 will be my 18th year of managing a team, now called the Widow's Tavern Indians. I have managed the Arizona World Series teams for 11 years. In 1996, I was our catcher, and stopped catching complete games in 2006. My lifetime average was .347, and my great group of players over the years, have amassed 300 wins for me.  Currently, I'm a Board Member, and I've been a Dream Come True Committee Member, which is a very worthy Charity Event for children with terminal cancer. Once I retire, everyone knows that I will be watching hardball games at Hacketts Park, which has been our home field for 16 years. God Bless each and every one of our past and present members, and thanks for the wonderful memories. Especially, my Hall of Fame induction in 2011.

Steve Weidner 25 Longhorns Player 2011

A Big powerful lefty pitcher who throws very hard, a Center fielder who catches baseballs you see on plays of the week. A first basemen who makes every infielder happy he is there. He can steal at will. He hit home run after home run and when I asked him what would he like to say about his player career in our league he states, "I truly believe the success of this league isn't measured in wins and losses, but it's measured by the friends you make along the way.” A true champion! A respected team mate, a fearsome hitter and a real genuine guy.

inducted by his son Kevin Weidner who was a first year MSBL Player.

Ed Barthomew Moondogs Player 2011

In 1988, Ed was one of 76 hopefuls that showed up at Jordon Lanes in Allentown, for something called Men’s Senior Baseball. That started a 16 year ride that included 16 All Star games, 2 World Series Rings, a 1994 undefeated regular season and an MVP award.
But most important for Ed, will always be the lifetime friendships that grew as the league grew. He is best remembered as the chairman of 50 hours of Baseball. During that time, Lehigh Valley Men’s Senior Baseball raised and donated $300,000 to local charities and at times, to players and their families who were hit with illness or tragedy.

If not for a knee replacement and a bout with prostate cancer, Ed would still be playing the game of baseball, because there’s not a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon with a better group of guys.

John King 25 Brewers Player 2011

1966 Signed by the Chicago Cubs/ AA
Played in Blue Mountain League for 28 years
Close to 1,000 career hits
Played for the Bethlehem Giants and Cardinals
Played on 8 BML Championship teams
1965 Triple Crown Winner and MVP of League
Hellertown Royals, 2 BML Championships

Senior League
Easton Dodgers 1991-2003, 4 League Championships
Easton Brewers 2005-2010, 2 League Championships

Gene Vincent Giants Player 2012

Gene Vincent joined the Lehigh Valley MSBL in 1989, as a pitcher, with the 30+ Pirates. He then joined the 40+ Giants in 1999.  With a wide array of pitches, including a fast moving knuckleball, and a hopping fastball, Gene, in his brilliant career, has amassed over 1,200 strike-outs, over 150 wins, and 9 Cy Young Awards. Possessing a rubber arm, Gene often threw both ends of a doubleheader. He was a mainstay, in the pitching rotation, in the Arizona World Series for many years. Always a fierce competitor on the mound, and one of the best fielding pitchers around. Along with his wife, Lori, they would always host the annual Giants pool party picnics each and every year.  A true Champion, on and off the field.  Over all the years, the friends, the games, and the fun, were well worth it

Roger Tita Giants Player 2012

Roger Tita joined the Lehigh Valley MSBL. In 1992, and played with the Mets. In 1994, along with his brother, Louie Tita JR, they formed the 40+ Giants. For 15 seasons, Roger was the catalyst behind 9 Division Titles, and 3 Championships. With a lifetime average of .362, and over 200 stolen bases, and even managed 11 home runs, all in the lead-off batter spot. Roger plated leftfield, all those years, and used his speed to take away a lot of extra base hits. He played 3 more seasons with the 35+ Indians, and helped form the 45+ Division, where he now plays, and manages for the 45+ Giants. Roger was on the 50 hours committee, and is currently a Board Member. At the age of 62, he has no intentions of hanging up his spikes yet. “Hardball is the only game in tow” he says.  A sincere, Thank You, to all  the past and present players, that made this joyride very memorable.

George Horvath Padres Player 2012
George Horvath served the league as a board member for many years. He coached the Padres and won several Championships. It's an honor to induct Mr. Horvath into the Lehigh Valley MSBL Hall of Fame. George sadly passed away in June of 2013 after a long battle with cancer. George played with tremendous passion and will be missed.
Bobby Thomas Brewers Player 2012

Bobby Thomas has been a stellar hardball player for over 50 years, and was an outstanding ss at Easton High School, and in college, and also played for a semipro local team. He is regarded by his peers as the best ss to come out of the Lehigh Valley. His loyalty, and devotion for hardball carried over to coaching youth baseball for 25 years. Bobby was inducted into the Blue Mt. Hall of Fame in 1997. He was also inducted into the American Legion Hall of Fame in 2010, along with ex-Yankee Pat Kelley, and current backup catcher, Brian Schneider. Bobby has been a long time competitor in the Arizona World Series, and has earned 5 Championship rings. Along with Gordon Santee, Bobby has transformed Hackett’s Park baseball field, into one of the finest hardball fields in the Lehigh Valley. 

Jose Gonzalez Sr. Kings Manager/Player 2014

Jose Gonzalez is affectionately known as "The Godfather of South side Little League". Jose started the Kings' franchise in 1974, and they played in various softball and baseball leagues until he decided to put his Bethlehem Kings team in the Lehigh Valley MSBL in 1989. Jose was a monster clean-up hitter, who, as legend has it, never, ever hit the ball to right-field. What he has done for South side Little League has been incredible over the last 25+ years as he makes sure that the kids in that program always have a place to play baseball and Jose should be very proud of the fact that he has three Kings' teams currently in the Lehigh Valley MSBL in 2014.

Trini Huetras Mariners Player 2014

Trini was an outstanding pitcher, and a modest man.

Trini had played in the Tri-County, and Blue Mountain Leagues, before joining the Lehigh Valley MSBL in 1990. Trini retired in 2010, after compiling 4 Cy Young awards, and a League M.V.P. award. Besides being one of the fastest pitchers around, he played great outfield as well, and was a solid hitter. He managed for 12 years, winning 2 Championships. Trini was a mainstay in the Arizona World Series, and amassed 5 Championship rings. Trini cared more about friendships, than the actual game, and after winning the M.V.P. in the 2002 All-Star Game, he declined the award, and insisted it go to Ed Rodriguez, who had 3 hits, but played while being very ill. Special thanks to long time friends, Willie Flores Sr, Ed Bartomew, Turk Starniri, Chuck Lopez, Joe Gonzalez, and Dr. Charlie Brooks.

Great baseball, great memories, and best of all, GREAT FRIENDS. God Bless to all

Chuck Lopez Indians Player 2014

Chucky has been a member of the LVMSBL since 1989, a year after the Leagues creation. Most of the last 25 years were spent playing on multiple teams per season. At 53, he is still playing on the 35 Indians and the 45 Giants. Chucky has taken the field for several teams, at all age levels, winning double-digit championships throughout his impressive career. The majority of which were earned with the Kings and Giants. Chucky is a devoted teammate that has gone to the Arizona World Series Tournament all but two seasons, when injury kept him off the field.

Most players know, or have an idea of, their career stats. Chucky pays no attention, and will not speak about his own accomplishments - the consummate team player. Although his baseball talent has helped bring many teams championship wins, he is best known for his team spirit, being the first to sacrifice his own playing time to give someone else their moment on the field. Speaking with anyone who has played in this League with, or against him, there is no doubt that he is one of the LVMSBLs most talented players who can help a squad anywhere you put him on the diamond.

When he shows up at the ballpark, the atmosphere changes. It is obvious he is a positive, upbeat player who loves the game of baseball and puts the respect of that game, his teammates and his opponents above any personal goals. Chucky can always be heard above all others, cheering for his teammates and encouraging his opponents. He has an overall love for the game like few do, and fortunately, has no plans of retiring anytime soon! His legacy will not be that of personal stats or accomplishments, although they are impressive in their own right, but that of a selfless player that helped so many others in this League enjoy the best game ever played.

Eddie Sarmiento Devil Rays Player 2014

Eddie Sarmiento could play the following positions: Third Base, Short Stop, Second Base, First Base, All outfield positions, but man could he pitch. Eddie is a gifted and talented athlete. Pitching a no hitter, a 1 hitter and a perfect game while playing with the Lehigh Valley Devil Rays spoke for itself. The most impressive attribute was his attitude. Playing professionally at the Minor League level he certainly had more experience than most on the field. However Eddie came to play everyday with a smile and a burning desire to win. He never argued with umpires, team mates or coaches. He would take himself out of games to let other get some playing time. There is no questions he is a stellar player and an ever better person.

Congratulations Eddie Sarmiento for all of your baseball accomplishments.

Joe Ambrose WindGap A's Player 2015

Joe has played in the Lehigh Valley MSBL since 1990. He started his career with the 30 + Yankees and is still going strong 25 years later with the 35 Blackhawks and the 45 A's. He has been part of numerous playoff and championship teams which include the 25 Devil Rays;  35 Reds, Braves, Oilers, and Blackhawks;  and the 45 A's.
Joe is an excellent pitcher blessed with a great arm and pinpoint control. He was also a leadoff hitter and center fielder for a good part of his career with a high on base percentage and many stolen bases.  He has logged countless innings and miles traveled playing ball in this league as most years he was at least double rostered.  Some guys call him "Mr. Baseball" because of his commitment, baseball knowledge, always positive attitude, and love for this game.

Joe Galantini Notre Dame Player 2015

25 Year MSBL player

Won Championships in 18, 25 and 35 Divisions including many regional and out of town tournaments.

Dave Palumbo Notre Dame Player 2015

In his 8 full seasons in the Lehigh Valley MSBL, Dave Palumbo has played in 6 championship series and his team has won 4 titles.

That is no coincidence!

A team that has Dave Palumbo can count on 10 wins on the mound, a batting average of .360 or more and double-digit figures in hits, walks and RBI's, along with his leadership and ability to play every infield position. A former Rutgers University wide receiver and New Jersey fast-pitch softball Hall of Fame inductee, Dave didn't arrive to the Lehigh Valley MSBL until 2007, when he turned 50 in his first season. He made up for lost time in a hurry, leading the Braves to a championship in his first season. His bases-clearing double in the bottom of the 9th inning won the 2007 championship game. In 2009, the Braves disbanded and reformed with the Pocono Yankees and some league veterans to become Notre Dame. The name was picked partly in homage to the high school Dave's sons attended. Notre Dame has gone on to become one of the winning est teams in league history, posting a record of 118-26 and .819 winning percentage as of the 2015 All-Star break, with 5 championship appearances and 3 titles in 6 full seasons. Of those 118 wins, Dave was the winning pitcher for an astounding 61 games, all while amassing over 100 RBI's. His most impressive pitching feat came in 2010, when he threw a complete game, after having pitched 9 innings the day before, to lead Notre Dame over the Brewers for its second championship. His most impressive feat at the plate came in 2014, when he got 11 straight hits. Even when the Lehigh Valley season ends, he has made a habit of winning. He has received 3 MSBL World Series rings in Arizona, where he was named the 2010 series MVP, and 2 MSBL Fall Classic rings in Florida, in age divisions ranging from 45 and over to 52 and over. There have been great pitchers and there have been great hitters in the Lehigh Valley MSBL's 35 Division. But no player in the division has ever accomplished as much combined as Dave Palumbo, the 2015 inductee into the Lehigh Valley MSBL Hall of Fame.

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