Baseball Field Maintenance Guide

Provided by the Baseball Tomorrow Fund

Updated Saturday January 14, 2017 by Lehigh Valley MSBL.

The information in this document is provided as a general reference guide for the maintenance of a baseball field or facility. Professional and international baseball and softball federations and organizations follow similar guidelines pertaining to the dimensions and needs for field development. The information provided in this document should be used only as a resource in the development of a playing field; this information does not represent the only means and methods of field development. This document is a summary comparison of field establishment processes. These findings may illustrate potential solutions for construction, maintenance and safety for the field of play; however, all areas regarding potential field development may not be identified in this document.Please note that certain country or regional laws and standards may apply to the construction of athletic fields.  Therefore, the guidelines
found in this document do not imply that a specific field does not comply with worldwide baseball standards.  This document was written in 2006 and updated in 2012.

Field Maintenance Guide.pdf