Widow's Tavern Indians Win 2014 35 Division Championship

Updated Monday September 29, 2014 by Lehigh Valley MSBL.

Congratulation’s goes out to the 2014 Widow’s Tavern Indians who have won there 3rd championship in 4 years.  The Indians are a true example of a team.  The roster consists of 21 guys, 19 of which qualified for the post season.  Each and every game there are 15 to 16 guys on the bench ready to contribute when called upon and for the most of the 2014 season the contribution from everyone were large.  The Indians finished the 2014 season with a 16-2 record and were the regular season champions. 

Consider this for a season:

  • 6 guys hit over .400
  • 3 more guys hit over .350
  • The offense the averaged 10.8 runs per game
  • 3 guys had an ERA under 2.5 and 4 guys had a WHIP under 1.10. 
  • This is a pitching staff that allowed 3.5 runs per game (Not all earned)

The Indians continued with the same formula in the post season where the swept both of their series.  In the post season, they averaged 10 runs per games and their ERA was 3.00.  Keep in mind those number were a contribution of 18 to 19 guys in every one of those games.  The Widow’s Indians would like to thank every one of their opponents for a safe 2014 season and look forward to sharing a beverage with them in the 2015 season as this is a staple of the Indians TEAM.

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Curtis Dimmick commented on September 29, 8:07pm
"Congratulations to the Widow's Indians on an outstanding season! I cannot wait for next season to be a part of another championship run!"
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